ImmuniTea Chai


ImmuniTea Chai

This tea feels like a serious immune boost while warming you up to the core. You can make it as spicy or sweet as you like. When it is -28 out this is exactly what I need to get me moving through the day. You can find most of these ingredients in your spice cupboard, and omit whichever ones you don't have and it will still turn out delicious.

-2 cinnamon sticks
-2tsp cardamon pods
-2 tsp cloves
-1tsp star anise
-1/2tsp black peppercorn
-1/4 cup grated fresh ginger
- 2 tsp astragalus root chunks or 2 slices of the root
( Astragalus root is a deep immune tonic which supports production of white and red blood cells, helps to increase energy)
-1 tbsp Chaga mushrooms dried
( these dense wild mushrooms are seriously nutrient dense and provide many b-vitamins and minerals)

Add all of these dried spices, roots and mushrooms to a pot of water and bring to a simmer, allow to simmer for at least 20 minutes or for as long as you like. Your house will smell amazing! Be sure to cover with a lid while simmering. If you feel inclined to a hit of caffeine in your Chai you can add a couple bags or teaspoons of black tea. Other wise you can use Rooibos. Add these when you are just about ready to enjoy your tea and let them soak for 5 minutes. Strain your decoction and add milk or honey as you like to make your own personalized ImmuniTea Chai!


Chelsea Boyd Gibson
Chelsea Boyd Gibson


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