Sprouting, it feels like gardening right from the kitchen.


Why sprout and soak? Maybe you already soak or sprout many of your grains, seeds, legumes, lentils and nuts. Or maybe not.. What is the reason behind sprouting?

This is far from a new fad.
Just like fermentation, soaking and sprouting has been, and is, a huge part of most cultures around the world. It opens these foods up to become more easily digested and delicious.
Grains, seeds and nuts are created by nature to carry forward their genetics and re-plant themselves. That is why they often have a hard shell around them, to keep them safe and durable, until it rains and they can bring forth new life!

These foods can contain what is known as enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. These inhibit absorption of the wonderful nutrients (magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron) found in these nutritious foods unless we do something to neutralize them.
Such as soaking the beans overnight before cooking them (very beneficial for those who get stomach upset from these legumes) or soaking grains like rice for a few hours and then boiling it.

There are so many different seeds (broccoli, alfalfa, clover, radish, sesame) that you can sprout in your kitchen with as little as a mason jar and some cheesecloth.
Click here to head over to a great webiste that seems to cover soaking times and sprouting information on almost every grain, or seed I can think of. 

There are plenty of local sources (Kimberley & Cranbrook) to buy your sprouting seeds at including 
Root For me in Marysville, From the Ground Up Organics (Cranbrook), Kimberley Centex and Sprout Grocery in Kimberley. 

Chelsea Boyd Gibson
Chelsea Boyd Gibson


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