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"A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine." -Henry David Thoreau

Since going to holistic nutrition school and herbal school on the coast I have fallen madly in love with herbs, and specifically their value in tea form.
It never ceases to amaze me how powerful plants are, and how much value they can offer to us in the form of easing anxiety, insomnia, stress, digestive upset, adrenal fatigue, the list goes on.

One of the things Meadowsweet has been doing over the past year is making custom teas for people. Getting to know what a person needs and finding just the right combination of herbs to ease & comfort them.

On a side note, here is a little insight into my childhood. I was obsessed with all things magical. Magic wands, spells, potions, Harry Potter books, ouija boards, ghosts, etc. My favourite movie would still have to be Practical Magic. I recall a time when I actually "sold" a love spell to a fellow classmate. I never did hear about how it worked out…So when I began to learn about the medicinal value of plants, and I felt that connection to them, my world was blown wide open. This was a way for me to live out my childhood dream in an adult, socially acceptable manner. A herbal apothecary in Kimberley is still in my daydreams...

Now I am not saying here that herbs are magic. But they have a quality to them that is somehow magical. They have been proven by science in so many ways to have health benefits, but they also contain a subtle, supportive quality that is not proven by clinical research, nor does it need to be.

We all know how good a cup of tea can make us feel.

It only seemed logical that the next step in Meadowsweet products would be a line of medicinal herbal teas. The one I chose to start with is called Abundance. I have been making this blend at home for the past few months, and between my partner and I, we go through a jar of it every 10 days it seems.

Abundance is just that, abundant in flavour, nutritional value and in the variety of herbs. This is an infusion that can be drank daily. The herbs used are all gentle in their actions yet effective. Ingredients are listed below.

Where can you find this tea? 

Kimberley locations: Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness, Arrow & Axe General Store, Kimberley Centex Market and Handz on Evolution.

Stay tuned for the online store to be updated. 


Nettle (Urtica dioica) - An amazing all around nutritive, high in vitamin C, iron and protein. Nettle is useful as a gentle alterative (detoxifying) herb and as a diuretic. I could go on for days about the benefits of Nettle.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) - Well known carminative and anti-spasmodic for the digestive system. Peppermint is also a stimulating nervine, anti-nausea and a diaphoretic. Plus it tastes delicious and freshens your breath!

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)- Very high in nutrients, including the B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Detoxifying effects while working as a diuretic and gentle laxative.

Milky Oat Tops (Avena sativa)- Considered a tonic for the nervous system, Oat is one of my favourite additions to tea blends. This herb shines in times of nervous exhaustion or stress. Also a rich nutritive and a soothing demulcent.

Holy Basil/Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)- The sweet and warm flavor of Tulsi is a favorite in my house. This is considered an Ayurvedic herb used for its antioxidant and adaptogenic qualities, as well as a soothing carminative for the gut and an immunomodulator.

Chamomile (Matricaria recuitita) - A well known and soothing stomach aid and sleep aid. Chamomile is "mother of the gut" and acts to calm the mind and the body. This is a great example of how closely linked the digestive system and the nervous system are.

Rose Petals- Warming and considered nutrition for the heart :)

Rose Hips (Rosa canina)- A source of vitamin C and flavonoids, considered a nutritive. Rose hips add an addition of nourishment to any tea blend. Supportive in the colder months for the immune system.


Chelsea Boyd Gibson
Chelsea Boyd Gibson


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