Chaga Chai

Chaga Chai Herbal Decoction

"Perhaps it is while drinking tea that I most of all enjoy the sense of leisure." ~George Gissing, The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft, 1903
Chaga ( Inonotus obliquus) can be known as the Birch trees medicinal sidekick.
This was a caffeine free tea that brewed in the studio last winter during our Sunday night Yoga Nidra & Chai nights. Immersing the whole studio in the spicy smell of christmas, cinnamon and clove. You would have no idea the woodsy, caramel tasting, and immune supporting Chaga mushroom was mixed into this brew.
The Chaga mushroom grows on live birch trees, mostly in North America, Poland, Russia, and Siberia. It is becoming very well known for a wealth of medicinal properties, some of these being anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, extremely antioxidant, anti-tumor and immune-modulating. There is much to say on the Chaga, but I think Yarrow from Harmonic Arts does it best. To learn more about this fungi click here.
This is called a herbal decoction because it is a blend of herbs and fungi that require a higher temperature and longer amount of time to steep. A decoction simply means simmering on the stove. If you can boil water, then you can make a decoction.
You add 2-3 tbsp of this herb blend to a medium sized pot of water, and allow to simmer for days (your house will smell amazing).
Every time you drink a cup of the tea (strain herbs through a sieve into the glass) add another cup of water to the pot. If it starts to taste weak in flavor, just add another tbsp of the dried herbs. This is not the type of tea that will begin to go bad on the stove, all of these herbs are anti-fungal and anti-microbial so there is little worry of it tasting off after sitting on the stove for a day or two. Add honey, or cream or any nut/seed mylk you like to your tea, and enjoy all winter long. Because there is no caffeine in this variation you can drink it at any time of the day.
The blend of other herbs in this brew combine to create a delicious, warming flavor, but they are also extremely medicinal. Chai has been drank in the East for many years due to its digestive support, circulation assistance, metabolism booster (black pepper) and its antioxidants and immune supporting properties (ginger, cinnamon).
This herbal blend can be found at Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness, but will be hitting shelves throughout Kimberley and Cranbrook at locations already carrying Meadowsweet products very soon!
Stay tuned for these locations.


True Cinnamon
Star Anise
Black Pepper
Orange Peel
Cardamom Pods
Chaga Mushroom

Chelsea Boyd Gibson
Chelsea Boyd Gibson


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