About the company

Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness is a Yoga studio in the heart of Kimberley's downtown Platzl.
Alongside the Yoga schedule & workshops, we also offer Massage, Hypnotherapy & Holistic Nutrition Consultations.
Most recently we have expanded the studio to offer a Yoga Boutique, with everything you may need for your Yoga practice, and offering a selection of beautiful locally made goodies.
Chelsea Boyd Gibson is the creator of Meadowsweet. Alongside Chelsea at the studio is a diverse group of yoga teachers and healing practitioners that work together within the space to create a welcoming and supportive environment.
Whether you are attending your first yoga class, booking a treatment, inquiring about nutrition or hypnotherapy, or maybe just stocking up on your favourite herbal teas, we have something for everyone.

Why the name Meadowsweet?

Meadowsweet is a powerhouse herb that played a role in the creation of Aspirin. It has medicinal qualities that work to ease stomach pain, reduce fever and work as a natural pain reliever. To Chelsea, this herb represents the bridge between both the medical system and the wellness world. 

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea began her journey in the wellness industry as a teenager when her mom, at the age of 49, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They spent two years going back and forth from hospitals, chemo treatments and radiation.
Massaging her swollen feet and bringing her food often felt like the only things Chelsea could do to help.
This was both an ending and a beginning for her: the ending of a childhood, and the beginning of a career in the world of natural and preventative healthcare.

After her Mother passed away, she attended the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage and received her spa therapist certificate. She knew she still needed time to heal, and  that came in the form of travel.
After wandering  the world for a few years, from Australia to South America, Nepal, South East Asia, India, Spain and the UK, it was the act of admitting defeat and coming back to her hometown in the Kootenays that actually brought her closer to what she loves. 

As a competitive freestyle skier growing up, she had always aspired to work in the mountains somehow. In her early twenties she began working for CMH Heli-skiing as a Massage Practitioner and stretch class instructor.
 Along with world class Heli-Skiing, she had the opportunity to deepen her massage practice and develop her own style of bodywork.
She fell in love with Yoga during her travels, and after teaching stretch at CMH lodges knew she needed to delve deeper into the world of Yoga.
This is when her first Yoga studies began with a 200 hr training in Hatha Yoga at the Yandara Yoga Institute on the Baja of Mexico.
She then attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver BC. This program challenged her and filled her with a sense of purpose. Chelsea's love for food had found a whole new direction and she knew she was on the right track.

In 2014 she then deepened her love for herbal medicine by completing the Community Herbalist program at the Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC.
Learning more about the plant world, herbal medicine and permaculture.
Now alongside her busy career in Photography, she is proud and humbled to say that Meadowsweet is her dream job.
Combining her love for holistic health, people, food, Yoga & massage.

One of the most important things she has learned from her professional practice and life experience is how important the body-mind connection is.
 We truly do create our existence every day with our thoughts, actions and most importantly our gratitude.
 Chelsea is immensely grateful for every lesson she has learned, every opportunity to pick herself back up,  and every person she has met along the way.




Summer Yoga Schedule

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