Frequently Asked Questions


1) Do you have Yoga mats for rent?

We do have a handful of Yoga mats you can borrow at the studio, we don't rent them out, but rather are happy to loan them to you for the duration of the class.

2) What is your drop in rate, and how do I sign up?

Drop in Yoga is $15, and you can pay cash, credit or debit upon arrival at the studio. We do first come first serve to classes, and there is no online registration (at this point).

3) How do I purchase a pass?

You can buy a pass either when you arrive at the studio (cash, credit or debit), or online from this link here.

4) How early should I arrive for class?

The doors open about 20 minutes before class starts, and we very much recommend you arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts to not disturb the other students settling in, and so the teacher can start on time.

5) Im new to Yoga! How do I know which class is good for me?

We have a variety of classes that suit a variety of levels and intentions. Go to our schedule and class descriptions link here to read more. Alternatively, Chelsea our studio owner is happy to chat with you on the phone to direct you towards the best class for your needs. Give her a call at 250-427-0919.

6) What should I wear?

Most importantly, please wear clothes you are comfortable in, and you can move freely in. if you are attending any of our Yin, Restorative or Gentle classes, you might like to wear layers and warm clothes. Our studio can be drafty. If you are attending our Vinyasa or Flow classes, you will likely build more heat, and want to take layers off as you warm up.

7) What should I expect for my first class?

Welcome! We are so excited to have you joining us! When you arrive you will need to fill out a studio waiver. The front room is where you can leave your bags, cell phones and shoe, don't worry we lock the front door once class starts.

The studio room is a quiet space, we ask that you refrain from chatting and do not bring your cell phones with you. You can set yourself up with the props the teacher has put on display at the front of the room. Lay down, or practice some of your own movements quietly until class starts.

8) What kind of change rooms or bathrooms do you have?

We have one bathroom and it is shared by everyone, we also have a massage room in the back that double as a change room.

9) What if I fart during Yoga!? 

Hey, it happens to all of us! Yoga's intention works largely on relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) and this, combined with movement and twisting can cause farts in class. Know that you are not alone, and this happens to everyone at some point. Just continue with your class, and don't worry about it.

10) Do you sell yoga mats or props? 

At this point we do not have Yoga merchandise for sale, but we are working on creating a Yoga boutique in the studio, so stay tuned!