Frequently Asked Questions: 

 Updates as of July 1 2021

Masks are now recommended, but not mandatory by the BC Public Health Order.

We are allowing students to choose what they are comfortable with when it comes to mask wearing.

All indoor fitness centres are allowed to return to "normal capacity" in regard to the PHO. We are taking this step slowly, and adjusting our max capacity for class sizes to 16, rather than the 8 we have had over the past 17 months.

1) Yoga Mats & Props 

Usually we have Yoga mats for rent, but with our COVID policies in place for the time being, you are required to bring your own mat, and props if you have them. If you don't own a mat, we do have a Yoga boutique at the studio for you to purchase one.
We would LOVE if people could bring their own blocks & bolsters as well. If you absolutely do not have these, we will loan our studio blocks (you will be required to sanitize them after class) and we will loan bolsters as long as you bring a clean blanket or towel to cover them with.
All props borrowed will be rotated out of the studio room for 24 hours afterwards.
All blocks borrowed will need to be sanitized after class by the student.

2) Do you offer drop in options, and how do I sign up?

Drop in Yoga is $18+gst.

We recommend once you have created an account online through our website
(by purchasing a pass or a drop in option) LINK HERE  you should then download the Zenplanner Member App onto your phones or tablets.
From there you can easily sign up, cancel and waitlist for all of our classes.
To sign up for classes from our website you can find our Yoga schedule and online registration from this LINK HERE.    

3) How do I purchase a pass?    

You can purchase a pass online from this LINK HERE.
If the class you want to attend says FULL, then put yourself on the WAITLIST.
There are only 6 spots on the WAITLIST option, and as people cancel classes you will get bumped into a spot.
You should receive a text and or email to notify you of this as long as you have added your correct email and phone number to your Zen Planner account.

4) How early should I arrive for class?

The doors open 15 minutes before class starts, and we very much recommend you arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins to not disturb the other students settling in, and so the teacher can start on time.

5) New ONLINE registration rules & COVID policies.

Due to our small class sizes now, and the difficulty this year has presented for us as a small business Yoga studio, we are needing to be very strict about these new rules so that we can continue to keep our doors open and offer you Yoga classes.
We VERY much appreciate your understanding in all of this.
  • Class registration can only be done 1 week in advance from the exact time of that class.
  •  There is NO pass-sharing.
Everyone must have their own pass, under their own name with their own contact info on the account (phone numbers/email). This is part of our COVID tracking process. Please do not send someone else to class assuming they can take your spot, under your name and pass.
  •  Cancelling a reservation to a class must be done AT LEAST 4 hours in advance.
This is to ensure that our online system has enough time to notify people on the WAITLIST. Also, for us as a struggling business right now having people consistently try to cancel 2 hours before class means we are less likely to have other people sign in and fill a spot. 
If you do not cancel AT LEAST 4 hour before the class starts, your punch pass WILL BE USED. No exceptions.
  • WAITLIST option. Use it!
People are consistently cancelling their spots and you will be bumped into the class.
But please be responsible for yourself and checking in on the classes you are signed up for.
If you can't make that time anymore, take yourself OFF the waitlist so you don't end up getting bumped into the class and taking a spot.
You are responsible for your own Yoga schedule.

6) What should I wear?

Most importantly, please wear clothes you are comfortable in, and you can move freely in. 
If you are attending any of our Yin, Restorative or Gentle classes, you might like to wear layers and warm clothes. Our studio can be drafty.
If you are attending our Vinyasa or Flow classes, you will likely build more heat, and want to take layers off as you warm up.

7) What should I expect for my first class?

We are so excited to have you joining us!
When you arrive you will need to sanitize your hands upon arrival.
The front room is where you can leave your bags, cell phones and shoes, don't worry we lock the front door once class starts.
The studio room is a quiet space, we ask that you refrain from chatting and do not bring your cell phones with you.
You can set yourself up with the props the teacher has put on display at the front of the room.
Lay down, or practice some of your own movements QUIETLY until class starts.

8) Do you sell yoga mats or props? 

YES! We have recently renovated to create a stunning little Yoga boutique in the studio front entrance. We sell everything you need to set yourself up.

Summer Yoga Schedule

Welcome back to in-studio classes and reconnecting with your community!