Schedule & Class Descriptions




Closed  Monday, February 17- BC family Day

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow:
A heating & energetic class including deep stretches, strength & balance combined with sun salutations.
Meditative & long held postures to move deeper into connective tissues and find deep relaxation.
Energizing Flow:
A strong and playful flow aimed at increasing energy.
Saturday & Sunday Flow:
An all levels Yoga Flow.
Gentle Hatha:
A gentle asana class suitable for all levels, and great for beginners.
Slowing down the nervous system by working through passive and supported stretches.
Dive Deep Vinyasa:
An intermediate style vinyasa class focusing on peak poses and delving a little deeper into the asana practice.
Hips & Hammy Flow:
An all levels flow class with intention on holding hips & hamstring postures.
An hour long class with 30 minutes of warming and heating sun salutations, followed by 30 minutes of cooling, long held Yin shapes.
Mobilize & Energize:
Self-myofascial & soft tissue release with the use of props, stretching and mobility focused work (not Yoga specific).
Yinstorative & Sound Bath:
Yin style yoga, meditation and crystal singing bowls.