Schedule & Class Descriptions

Winter Schedule

December 1 - March 30

Spring Yoga Schedule

 April 1 - June 30 

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow:
A heating & energetic class including deep stretches, strength & balance combined with sun salutations.
Meditative & long held postures to move deeper into connective tissues and find deep relaxation.
Energizing Flow:
A strong and playful flow aimed at increasing energy.
Saturday Flow:
An all levels Flow with rotating teachers each week.
Gentle Flow:
A gentle flow class suitable for all levels.
Slowing down the nervous system by working through passive and supported stretches.
First we build the heat, then we cool down into some deep Yin postures.
Slow Vinyasa & Meditation:
A slow & deep Vinyasa class warming the body up so it can sit easily for a meditation practice at the end of class.
Dive Deep Vinyasa:
A fun and intermediate Vinyasa flow with a focus on breaking down some more challenging postures and delver deeper into the a Yoga practice.