Schedule & Class Descriptions

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Summer Yoga Schedule

July 2 - August 31

Please note:

Studio Closed

~Sunday & Monday August 4 & 5 (August long weekend)

~Sunday & Monday September 1 & 2 ( Labor Day weekend)


Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow:
A heating & energetic class including deep stretches, strength & balance combined with sun salutations.
Meditative & long held postures to move deeper into connective tissues and find deep relaxation.
Energizing Flow:
A strong and playful flow aimed at increasing energy.
Saturday & Sunday Flow:
An all levels Yoga Flow.
Gentle Flow:
A gentle flow class suitable for all levels.
Slowing down the nervous system by working through passive and supported stretches.
Mindful Vinyasa
A slow & deep Vinyasa class warming the body up so it can sit easily for a meditation or mindfulness practice at the end of class.