Chelsea Boyd Gibson

Chelsea's love for Yoga began when she attended massage school at the age of 19 and it was integrated into her curriculum. Since then she has travelled extensively, gaining over 700 hours in Yoga teacher trainings worldwide.
While studying in India and SE Asia in her early twenties she discovered how much more there is in Yoga than the physical practice of asana. It became a practice of breath, self-discovery and patience.
Her teaching career began while working in the Heli-skiing industry with skiers and hikers. Starting at the basics with stretch, breath and body movement for athletes.
She then went on to complete her 200 hr YTT at the Yandara Yoga institute in the  Baja of Mexico in 2010.
Chelsea has continued to take courses in Yoga therapy (with Susi Hatley), Prenatal Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Yin Yoga (with Bernie Clark), Restorative, Meditation, and recently a 300 hour advanced teacher training.
The path of yoga is endless and Chelsea is always finding inspiration from other teachers, students and nature.
She loves to create playfulness within teaching Vinyasa and power classes, while her deep love in Yoga really falls into the Yin & Restorative category. Meditation is becoming a stronger part of her practice every year and she is slowly integrating this into her classes.


Sophia White

Sophia has been passionate about alternate health since the age of 18, when a two week fasting and yoga retreat dramatically changed her perspective on life and overall sense of wellbeing. Sophia has been practicing nutrition, hypnotherapy, massage and teaching yoga for over a decade. She is excited to be offering her skills at Meadowsweet. Sophia teaches a range of classes including Restorative & massage to Vinyasa and everything in between.

She loves to bring thoughtfulness and introspection into each of her classes.


Janet Borger

Janet first fell in love with yoga when she moved to Calgary, AB in 2008 to start her studies in Massage therapy.  After taking her first class she knew she wanted to teach someday and share this with others.

Her love for nature and the mountains took her to Canmore, AB where she began practicing Asthanga at the Yoga lounge. It was here that her love for the practice deepened and made her realize she wanted to continue her studies in Asthanga yoga.

In 2011 Janet completed her 200 hour YTT in Koh Samui, Thailand. She was very fortunate to be able to study under Paul Dallaghan.

After completing her studies, she stayed in Thailand for eight months to be able to fully focus on, and absorb these teachings; a life changing journey.

Janet believes Yoga is a way of life and so much more than what happens on the mat.

She loves teaching Asthanga, deeply restorative classes, meditation/pranayama.
What yoga has given to her…… she would like to share with others.

Sharon Coombs

Sharon started teaching yoga in 2010 after completing her 200h YTT in Whistler.
Coming from a competitive figure skating background she was introduced to yoga in the form of "stretch class".
Since then she has been fortunate enough to study with many wonderful teachers in many different disciplines and broadened the scope of her practice and teaching to include daily pranayama and meditation.
(Some teachers and styles include; Ashtanga with Manju Jois, Jivamukti with Tina James and Sanskrit and Mantra studies with Manorama.)
She has taught in a variety of locations from MMA gyms to hot and not-heated small and large scale studios from Nova Scotia to Ontario and British Columbia.
Sharon loves to teach Hatha/Vinyasa classes that are playful, challenging for all levels, and safe. She draws from her training as a Registered Massage Therapist to have an eye for alignment and to modify postures and classes for all shapes, sizes and abilities. She is passionate about getting people back in touch with their body's and their breath.
When not massaging Sharon spends time with her young son and husband on their small-scale farm in Meadowbrook. They find time to hike and camp whenever possible and love to spend time outside in nature.

Sue Inshaw

Sue is an ERYT500 (Experienced 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher), RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher), A group Fitness Instructor and owner of EK Yoga Academy 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training. She first came to yoga for the physical benefits & quickly realized it had so much more to offer! Over the years it has helped her cope with many health obstacles including cancer and just this February of 2019 abdominal surgery. On a personal note, she loves being outdoors, embracing nature & walking with her dogs. Sue has been teaching yoga since 2004 & has a fun playful approach to her classes. She loves to share her passion with her students in classes & on their teaching journey.


Breanna Townrow

Breannas journey in yoga began in early twenties, she then moved to Kimberley and began studying alongside Shivani Howe. She gained her 200 hr YTT through Sananda yoga school based out of Toronto, but held here in Kimberley BC at Ishtadev Niwas yoga center.

 For Breanna, yoga has been a way for her to connect with the breath as well as calm and support the nervous system. Using these as tools to bring herself into the present moment and support her everyday life. Understanding that yoga is not about striving to reach a pose, or a destination, but about finding stillness and patience with where you are at that moment. With this in mind she focuses on teaching a slower paced class based on linking breath with movement and finding that connection to your deeper self

Barb Kaufmann

Barb "My introduction to yoga first took place in the Wasa Elementary School’s library when I was 16. Yoga offered flow and body awareness to which instantly got my interest and when we went into our final savasana I knew yoga was something I could learn from.
Since then I have practiced yoga in multiple venues and have shared my experience with many amazing teachers. My focus has shifted various times allowing yoga to serve as a form of exercise, a coping mechanism, a way to find my inner self and always gives me a place to reflect.
I teach flow yoga in order to bring awareness to the body, work within the breath and challenge focus during physical postures.

Shenoa Runge

Shenoa has a BSc Hons in Exercise Physiology and has been working as a Kinesiologist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist since 2006. Following graduation she completed a 1200 hour practicum in Cardiac Rehabilitation and in 2009 she founded Moving into Wellness, a program that integrates exercise as a foundation of health and recovery for chronic disease. Currently, she practices in community settings of Kimberley and Cranbrook and out of Creekside Physiotherapy.
In 2012, after attending a functional movement assessment course, Shenoa’s journey to better understand movement patterns and their role in rehabilitation, performance, and living well through mindful movement truly began. 
In the years since she has deepened her knowledge through the completion of many movement-focused certifications and courses, including those with Stuart McGill, Functional Movement Systems, MoveNat, Yoga Tune Up, and Nutritious Movement.
Shenoa’s belief is that movement is like food – our bodies need it to survive and thrive. It’s best when done regularly, in a variety of ways, and is closest to its whole form. Much like nutrition, no two bodies need exactly the same diet to thrive. Her goal is to pair the right movement “nutrients” with your body’s movement needs.

Coralee Salomons

Coralee Salomons is a Metis woman of the Khakewistahaw Plains Cree Tribe and Dutch descent, incorporating her native spirit into her healing sessions & classes.  She has practiced Reiki, yoga and meditation for over 20 years.  Keeping herself busy with receiving her Reiki Master Practioner certificate, spa therapy modalities, 200 hr yoga training and training with sound healing over the last five years.  
Each class, workshop or session that Coralee offers is infused with the healing sounds of the crystal bowls and Reiki.  Going to one of her offerings will leave you feeling rested, restored, renewed and rejuvenated.
The blissful & ethereal sounds of the crystal bowls allows your whole body to begin to let go, surrender any tension and clear your mind, bringing you into that sacred space of self.
Her main focus is on gentle and subtle poses found in Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga classes, encouraging your muscles to surrender and release, allowing more room for flexibility in the mind body and spirit.  She is offering classes and workshops in Kimberley, Cranbrook and soon Calgary.