Upcoming Events & Workshops







First Saturday of each month.

February 1, March 7, April 4


Contact Coralee to register:

email:blissisme@hotmail.com or phone 250-430-7168



This bi-weekly Monday class (11:30am-12:30pm), co-hosted by Janet Borger and Cassia Parent (and their babies!)  is your invitation to come move playfully and intentionally with your baby.

 Recommended age is 1 year and under, but all babies will be welcomed!

Movement is all levels with post-partum bodies in mind and as always - do whatever feels best for you!
Stop, drop and feed whenever you need to (we likely will be as well 😆)!

Classes are free community events - bring a donation to cover the cost of using the space. 🙏
For any questions or inquiries please contact Janet at janet@meadowsweet.ca or phone 250-706-0707.