Your local sauerkraut source is here.

Meadowsweet is collaborating with the Creme Cheese shop in Kimberley BC to bring you a source of locally made, fermented, probiotic rich sauerkraut.

You can buy the sauerkraut by the jar or maybe just enjoy it on a delicious Gibby panini on your lunch break. 

Creme Cheese Shop carries delicious, artisan cheeses, gourmet olives, locally made breads, locally made sauerkraut (meadowsweet!) and their own small batches of supreme ice cream. 

If you are feeling a little in the dark on all the fermentation talk these days let me fill you in. Fermentation is an ancient form of food preservation, it is not something new, maybe just new to you. It has been used for centuries in almost all cultures as a way to store food throughout times of scarcity, cold weather and droughts.

But the process of fermentation does much more then just preserve, it enhances. When we ferment something we are allowing healthy bacteria to thrive and procreate, this is often what we call probiotics. Have you heard that yogurt is good for you because it has live bacteria? Well this is the same thing.

Foods like sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) Kimchi ( fermented cabbage with spices), yogurt, cheeses, sourdough breads, kombucha (fermented tea), herbal sodas & ginger beers, fermented vegetables (pickles, carrots, beets) all have this same quality. I am not talking about vinegar preserved, I am talking about fermented, with salt, love and time.

Healthy bacteria, what does it even do? I would love to share some insight on the topic with you.

Healthy bacteria is extremely necessary for the digestive system. It allows the body to break down foods, helps protect from "bad" bacteria that could enter the digestive system (food poisoning anyone?) and has a large part in those smooth easy bowel movements we all secretly enjoy but maybe don't talk about on a blog...

There's more! Probiotics play a part in a healthy immune system, have you ever taken a bottle of supplemental probiotics when winter is approaching and you feel a cold coming on? Or when recovering from the flu or something nasty you ate? You can use fermented foods in a similar way.

Cabbage is also a vegetable extremely dense in nutrients, including vitamin C, Indole 3-carbinol ((helps the body to detoxify excess estrogen), sulphur (needed to support the livers detox process) and antioxidants (especially that beautiful purple cabbage).

To top this all off, I always love to mention the connection between the words used to describe "cultures" of bacteria needed to make cheeses and fermented foods, and the "cultures" of each community and group of people. We are all so connected, and fermented foods, throughout time have been a way to share, feed and support one another through rough times, sickness or just for a celebration.

As my exploration of fermentation unfolds, I keep coming back to the profound significance of the fact that we use the same word -culture- to describe the community of bacteria that transform milk into yogurt, as well as the practice of subsistence itself, language, music, art, literature, science, spiritual practices, belief system, and all that human beings seek to perpetuate in our varied and overlapping collective existences.”

Sandor Ellix Katz – The Art of Fermentation.






Chelsea Boyd Gibson
Chelsea Boyd Gibson


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